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Welcome to Smiling Soul! I was inspired to begin this blog for many reasons but mainly I want to reach out to people and provide them with a place to come when they are feeling frazzled or worn out for some positivity. My intention is that you will accumulate some easy to access tips that you can use in your daily life to create a sense of calm in your day when needed most.

I am a Social Worker by profession so I myself have had to learn self-care practices. These practices are invaluable and have evoked  a strong passion to share them with anyone who is feeling the weight of the world for whatever reason and who needs a bit of relaxation, positivity and self-care in their life.

I am twenty eight and I live in Dublin. We have two doggy babies, Hugo (Pug) and Bruno (Pomeranian) who we adore. We have them for two years now and to be honest they feel more like children than pets.

I love exercise for its mindset benefits and engage in a bit of everything from yoga, weightlifting in the gym and running. I have just completed Yoga Teacher Training in India which was a fantastic experience. I have a keen interest in nutrition and love creating and trying new recipes.  I also love fashion and jump at any occasion to get dolled up. I thankfully have a very positive disposition and enjoy inspiring conversations and spending time with family and friends.

Feel free to reach out and I hope you enjoy the content.