Mini Wedding Series 2: Wedding Preparations

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I am back again with another wedding themed blog post. This one is based on wedding preparations with a different slant focusing on mentally preparing for your big day along with some of the aesthetic parts also.

Since I was a little girl I have dreamed of my wedding day.  I had a box under my bed since I was small compiling ideas and hopes for my wedding day.  As I has imagined this day for so long, I wanted to make sure I was ready to take it all in. Being fully present was so important so I worked really hard in the months in advance to achieve this.

First up, I highly recommend buying  ‘The Wedding Planner’ by Confetti Magazine’s editor Laura Cunnigham. It’s step by step guide of what needs to be done at specific times during preparations is so helpful.

Here are some of the parts of our wedding preparations that stuck out for me as being particularly helpful.  I hope that by sharing this, it can help you and your partner prepare for your big day with ease.

8 Months Prior:

JT Fitness Guide Mindset, Nutrition and Fitness Training:

I have spoken about Jacqui numerous times on Instagram because I honestly can’t recommend her enough. I put a lot of research into choosing a trainer as I wanted someone I could trust that didn’t just provide quick fixes.  The lessons I learnt from Jacqui are ones that will last a lifetime. Jacqui had me eating more than ever and also reduced my training while still achieving both the aesthetic and mindset goals I had.  Jacqui places huge emphasis on mindset and this has changed everything for me for the long haul. I have found such a balance from her guidance which I am forever grateful for. I have no more restrictions on food being good or bad and instead enjoy a balanced diet which is full of social occasions and special moments with friends and family.

I really felt an intrinsic sense of contentment by the time my wedding came around but more because of the improvement in my mindset which changed my self-worth and enabled me to more present and appreciate the little wonders in life.

One aspect of her mindset work that really helped with the wedding was the power of visualization. I envisaged every aspect of our wedding day for months exactly how I wanted it to go.  This really helped settle my nerves on the day  because it all felt very familiar to me. Along with this, I had such confidence and faith that the day would go how I had visualised it, which it did expect it was actually better than I could ever have imagined.

I know it is a luxury to invest in a trainer but I honestly truly believe you could not put a price on the value of what you learn with someone who has your best interests at heart.  Jacqui tailors programmes to your  specific needs. I will attach her website here. Just to be clear, while I would consider Jacqui to be a friend now, I have in no way been asked or paid to promote what she offers.


My poor eyebrows were nearly non-existent from my teenage years as that was what was in fashion at the time. I spent most of my twenties trying to grow them back. I went to ‘The Dublin Makeup Academy’ and got HD brows under the care of the wonderfully talented Michelle. She was amazing and got my eyebrows back to a lovely thick shape.  I intend on continuing to attend the Dublin Makeup Academy because it is hard to trust anyone with your brows after putting so much effort into them.

6 Weeks Prior:

Hair Extensions:

Obviously these are not essential for your wedding day but if you have fine hair like me they can made such an incredible difference to your confidence and your overall look. I love hair extensions and first got them in 2014. I limit how much I allow myself to get them to protect my hair but also because they are very costly. My motto in relation to this though is ‘you wear your hair everyday’. I have tried many different brands of hair extensions including ‘Gold Fever’ and ‘Raptures’ but I keep coming back to ‘Great Lengths’. I think their quality is superior to other brands. I have tried many different salons also but have to commend Ceira Lambert on her expert application skills. As they were for my wedding, I specifically wanted her to apply them. Ceira did an amazing job and I honestly had the best fun with her on the day, drinking tea and chatting. I have attached photos of my hair extensions following application and on my wedding day. Nearly time for a fresh set and I will be returning to the hair extension queen herself.

Peaches and Cream:

Underwear for your wedding isn’t spoken about very much but it is so important. My dress needed seamless underwear as you could see every line under it. The girls in Peaches and Cream on Grafton Street guided me towards getting ‘Spanks Birches’ which worked perfectly.

All Alterations:

Myrtle Ivory didn’t do alterations but I was recommended ‘All Alterations’ on Donore Avenue and I cannot recommend them enough. Celine is amazing at what she does and had my dress fitting perfectly . I have also since had my dress dry cleaned there and they did an amazing job also.

Teeth Smiles:

Two weeks before my wedding I went to Smiles Dental on Grand Canal Dock and met the lovely Dr Chloe who made sure my teeth were sparkly white for the big day. This is covered under PRSI by the way.  I also used the spotlight whitening strips on the lead up and found these helpful also.

H2O, H2O, H2O:

I feel like I am in the ‘Coyote Ugly’  movie shouting H20, H20 but I can’t express the importance of drinking loads of water in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Not only will it provide you with more energy and make you feel better overall, it will get that glow on.  I know you think you might be on the toilet all day long but trust me you won’t. After the first three days of increasing your water intake, your body adjusts. I was drinking four litres a day every day for the six weeks prior to my wedding. I know that is a lot for many people but I already usually drink three litres so it wasn’t that much of an increase. I find always carrying my litre water bottle everywhere with me really helps insure I remember to drink it throughout the day. This is all I did for my skin on the lead up to the wedding.

Week of Wedding:

Maintain Routine:

I thrive in routine so I made sure to keep my usual routine the week of my wedding as much as was possible. I continued writing in my journal and practiced meditation daily. I got three light training sessions in to help ease any nerves also. I continued my visualization every night which also really helped. I finished up work four days before my wedding which I highly recommend. It is really important that you have switched off fully from work so that you can enjoy the lead up to your big day.

Consider Scheduling a Date Night with your Partner:

Ian and I scheduled a date night two nights before the wedding while we were still in our own home. The to do list is never ending, so putting time aside to sit down together and bask in what it is all really about, is so important. We opened some champagne and had a nice dinner together with our two little fur babies. It was lovely to spend some quality time together.

Beauty Appointments:

Two days before the wedding I went to Allure in Drumcondra with my chief bridesmaid Aoife which was such a lovely evening that really helped me relax. Aoife gave me our wedding presents that evening too which was also so incredibly special. We were spoilt with champagne and treats by the Allure team. I had a Bellamianta spray tan which was very natural looking for the day. I definitely didn’t want to be tangoed – not a good look. We had French shellac manicure on both our hands and feet. I really recommend this salon for any special occasion preparations, not only for their excellent beauty skills but the warm welcome you receive.

Night Before and Morning of the Wedding:

We went for a meal the night before the wedding after the church rehearsal. It is so nice to be surrounded by your nearest and dearest. I found it really grounding and special. I choose not to drink any alcohol and just ate a light meal as I didn’t want to feel bloated or too full going to bed. We finished up at about 8.30 and after kissing Ian goodbye, my mother and I disappeared off to the room. We had a cup of chamomile tea and chatted for a while before going to bed.

I had always worried about not being able to sleep the night before our wedding day. In order to combat this, I didn’t drink alcohol or have any caffeine the day before. I had a cup of chamomile tea with my lovely mammy before going to bed and also did a relaxation meditation.  I can honestly say I slept like a baby. I woke up very early but was fine with that as I had gone to bed early. I opened the curtains to the most glorious day and sang out loud ‘We’re going to the chapel’ and mammy responded from the next room ‘and we’re going to get maarriieeedd’ I will always remember this special moment.

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I then had a quick wiggle on my yoga mat, wrote in my journal and did a grounding exercise. Mammy and I went for a little walk around the beautiful grounds of Carton House, then it was time to start getting ready and the girls arrived.


The fun we had the morning of the wedding was so special and I will always remember it. The girls were so good to me and we laughed our way through the morning.

Lia Ian -070

I highly recommend that you do what suits you the night before and morning of your wedding. Don’t try and please everyone else or feel pressured to drink alcohol or stay up late. It is your day and you need to do what supports you best to get the most out of the day. Make sure to delegate any last minute tasks. You will find that people actually really like to be able to help out and be given a task.

Honestly if I could offer only one piece of advice it would be to drink very little alcohol on the day of your wedding. Otherwise you risk the day passing by in the blink of an eye. People have often asked if the day went by really fast and honestly, it didn’t. I attribute this to having more than two drinks throughout the entire day.  As a result, I felt grounded and present and was able to take it all in.

Remember that all that really matters is you, your partner and loved ones. Everything else is just a bonus. All the frills are great but it is seeing those smiles as you walk up the aisle that you will cherish forever.

I hope this is helpful and as always if there is anything that you have questions about feel free to get in contact with me. Thank you all so much for reading.

Lía xxx



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