Mini Wedding Series 3: The Aftermath

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This final post in my wedding mini- series is about married life and the aftermath of the big day.

We just received our wedding video preview and it is timely to write this part of the mini wedding series as I am full of emotion. I will attach the link if anyone wants to have a look. We are so impressed with our Videographer Mario Vaitkus. Not only was he lovely to deal with on the day he is very talented and we have no hesitation in recommending him to other couples. I will leave his link below for anyone getting married soon.

So married life, has surprised me in a good way. I am shocked that it feels any different as, we have been together for ten years and have lived together for four. It really feels so incredibly different in a way that is hard to describe. I think for me personally it has fulfilled me in a way I didn’t expect.  It has always just been mammy and I and while this always felt enough, since marrying Ian I feel that I have my own family unit now that comes first. It is such a special bond that needs protection and care. I will always cherish it, work on it and try to be the best wife I can. Now enough of the soppyness and onto some practical things that can be done to prevent or overcome post wedding blues.

Everyone warned me about post wedding melancholy. For as long as I can remember, I have always struggled when events are finished. I remember crying my eyes out the day after my graduation debs because it was over. So in order to prevent any feelings of emptiness after the wedding you might find these tips helpful:

Spread out the Mini and Honeymoon Period:

In order to prolong the celebrations we initially went on a mini- moon and are going on our honeymoon in a few weeks. I knew by doing this, we would still have something exciting to look forward to.

We enjoyed a few days at home after the wedding and then went to Monart for three nights. It was so lovely and the perfect way to relax after the wedding. We were both exhausted and slept a lot over these days. We then went to the Cliff House in Waterford two weeks later to continue the wedding bubble. By spreading out these treats it kept us in the celebration spirit. It made returning to work easier because we also had something to look forward to.

It is now four weeks until our honeymoon in South Africa followed by five nights in Mauritius. We are so excited and ready to unwind and relax after a very busy few months.

Make New Routines as a Married Couple:

We both really wanted to make more of an effort to spend quality time together in general. We used this new beginning to instigate some new rituals. We now enjoy a beach walk and a coffee together every Sunday morning with the doggies, sometimes getting to watch the sunrise. Even if we are away from home we try to keep this routine. It is a really nice way to start the day together and connect before the new week starts.

We have also started having weekly date nights often just at home. As I teach yoga in the evenings and mornings during the week, days can go by where we have barely seen each other. We have become much better at prioritising our time and are stronger at saying no to things if we haven’t spent quality time together that week.

Set Yourself New Goals:

Prior to the wedding day, I really encourage you to set yourself some new goals that you would like to work on after the wedding. I discussed these goals with my coach at the time which provided a sense of accountability and motivation in the post wedding period. There is a whole lot of time available which was once spent preparing for the wedding, so it can be nice to have a little project to focus on afterwards. Ian did up our sitting room and said that it really helped him fill the void. I have been really busy with yoga and have also recently started teaching pregnancy yoga. This naturally filled any gaps and it has been really positive to develop this side of my career also.

Cherish all the Special Post Wedding Gifts that Come in Many Forms:

  • Wedding Presents :

We prolonged opening our presents over the course of three weeks. This meant that we could really appreciate every gift and kind word we received. We are so thankful to our friends and families for their generosity. I love cards and the thought that goes into them. I just think it’s so special of people to take the time to write such lovely wishes.

  • Wedding Photos and Videos :

As the weeks go by you will receive your wedding photos and video if you have opted to have these as part of your day. It is such a lovely opportunity to relive the special moments together so make sure to make a date night out of it. Sharing them with your close family and friends is also really nice.

  • Celebrate other people’s happiness :

Our really close friends got engaged very soon after our wedding. It was so exciting knowing what a special time lies ahead of them. We got to continue our happiness through their joy and excitement also. Having been married it makes it all the more special seeing your nearest and dearest making this commitment to one and other because you understand its significance in a new way.

A question I have gotten so much since the wedding is how I am still motivated to exercise. Exercise and movement in general has always been such an important piece of my life and overall well-being. Prior to the wedding, my routine didn’t change that much as I still exercised three times a week prior and post wedding. On the lead up to the wedding, I was probably more motivated because of having a goal in sight but I never struggle with finding motivation to move my body as it enhances my life in so many ways. I understand that this isn’t the case for everyone so I would just encourage you to do what is right for you. If exercise isn’t for you don’t do it just because you are getting married. Please don’t put yourself under any unnecessary pressure, your partner loves you for who you are and exactly as you are.

In saying all of this, it is completely normal to feel a bit of emptiness after a major life event such as your wedding because so much time goes into preparing for it. I personally didn’t feel it but I know that Ian struggled with this part. It is important to recognise that you or your partner may need some support in the aftermath as you come down from the high that follows having had the best day of your life. If all else fails you always have the thank you cards to keep you occupied.

Soak it all in, it is really the most incredible and special time. These moments don’t last forever so cherish them. Our hearts feel so full of love for each other but also to everyone who shared our day with us. One last massive thank you to everyone who made our wedding day the incredible day that it was. From the bottom of our hearts we are forever grateful to you all.


This is the final post in the mini-series. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you all for taking the time to read them and for your feedback. I do hope it has been helpful and if you need any more questions answered don’t hesitate to contact me.

Lia xx

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