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Books light up my life. I go to bed early every night just so that I can read for an hour before going to sleep. Books are the cuddle at the end of every day for me. At the start of 2019, I joined the local library and it has honestly brought me so much joy. Books can be costly and it is rare that you read a book twice, so the library is such a good way of saving money and more importantly not cluttering up the house. If you aren’t a member of a library, I really encourage you to join one in 2020. It is one of the few things in life that is still free and is such a wonderful resource.

I didn’t have a television growing up as my parents didn’t agree with having one. I therefore have loved reading from a very young age. I think books just have such a profound impact on our ability to communicate, to write and to ignite our imagination and creativity. So on that note, I will list the books that I have enjoyed the most in 2019 and the ones that are already on my list for 2020.

For anyone who doesn’t know, I do ‘Book Worm Wednesday’ on Instagram Stories every Wednesday where I review books. I would love for you to tune in.


My Book Highlights of 2109

  • Becoming Michelle Obama


This is a big one to get through but honestly the life lessons it offers are amazing. There are so many valuable golden nuggets that stay with you for life. It highlights that no matter what your status or fame is, we are all just humans with the same needs, mainly to be loved and valued by our family and friends.

Having recently gotten married this extract from her book is my favourite:

You and I, you and I, you and I. We were learning to adapt, to knit ourselves into a solid and forever form of us. Even if we were the same two people we’d always been, the same couple we’d been for years, we now had new labels, a second set of identities to wrangle. He was my husband. I was his wife. We’d stood up at church and said it out loud, to each other and to the world. It did feel as if we owed each other new things’.

  • The Pippa Guide Pippa O Connor


I couldn’t do this post without including this book in it. As Pippa’s ultimate fan I went to her book signing to have the chats and also read the book in one weekend. It is such a girly easy read. The section on her business POCO was so insightful. Pippa’s intelligence is what makes her stand out. It is clear that her success is as a result of her work ethic, goal setting and character. What an absolute queen. This is a must read and a lovely gift also to give or receive. It looks lovely on a coffee table too.

  • Lost Connections Johann Hari

lost connections

This book changed the way I work with people and understand myself. It uncovers the real causes of depression and the unexpected solutions. It highlights the importance of maintaining balance in our life instead of constantly trying to push past our limits. A must read in my opinion.

  • Notes to Self Emily Pine

Notes to self

This book is just so special. It is so beautifully written. Notes to Self is so relatable, raw and honest. If you haven’t read this already I am jealous that you have it ahead of you. It’s an account of a very normal life with issues that can happen all of us but ones that we rarely speak openly about.


2020 Book List:

These are top of my list to read in 2020. I have already but them on hold in the library. I can’t wait to get them.

  • I am Pilgrim Terry Hayes


It is supposed to an electrifying and engrossing read. It tells a story through a number of narratives and is reportedly gripping from the start. I love a good thriller. I have just started it and so far it is really good. I will report back.

  • Expectation Anna Hope


“The women, They’re the only thing that will save you in the end.” Such is the advice a mother gives her daughter in Anna Hope’s novel.

With an opening line like this, I secretly know this book will be right down my alley. It has been recommended numerous of times and I am looking forward to hopefully gaining something from her description of the disjunct between the lives we once imagined for ourselves and the lives we end up living.

  • Once, Twice, Three Times an Aisling – Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen


Having read the first one on honeymoon I am very excited to get stuck into this one. I find them such light reads. Excellent for when you just want to switch off from the real world. It is so brilliantly hilarious with really clever wit.

  • Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas Adam Kay


I read ‘This is Going to Hurt’ earlier in the year and absolutely loved it so I am hoping this will also live up to the standard set in Adam’s first book. ‘This is Going to Hurt’ made me laugh and cry in the space of a few pages. As I work in a hospital setting it was really easy to relate to a lot of it. Adam is a really good writer with again a very intelligent wit.

  • Three Women Lisa Taddeo


Another one that seems to be mainly women focused but nothing wrong with that. I have also heard great things about this one and have it on reserve in the library for the New Year.

These should keep you busy for the New Year.

I see reading as being able to go on a life changing trip by cracking open a new book. It’s a lot cheaper than flying (especially if you join the library) and you can even travel in your pyjamas. It is a win win really.

I hope you enjoy these books and this post. Stay tuned for my reviews on the above over on Instagram for Bookworm Wednesday.

Happy Christmas Everyone! Thank you for the love and support throughout the year for Smiling Soul. Lots more to come in 2020.

Lía xxx

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