Thanks for taking a look. I was inspired to begin this blog for many reasons but mainly I want to reach out
  I was dubious about sharing this experience with you all because it wasn’t a happy successful upbeat one. These
This is the first post of a little mini wedding series. This one documents our list of suppliers as I
I am back again with another wedding themed blog post. This one is based on wedding preparations with a different
This final post in my wedding mini- series is about married life and the aftermath of the big day. We
I was kindly asked to partake in the ‘Stop the Clot Road Show’ to raise awareness of blood clot prevention.
I attended a really insightful training day recently in the Alex Hotel, which by the way is amazing and so
As I am writing this, the moon is in its half phase which sends a powerful message to remind us
I received so many questions about our honeymoon and I promised those who asked that I would write a blog
Books light up my life. I go to bed early every night just so that I can read for an